Intitolazione Istituto Comprensivo Scolastico ad Anchise Picchi

mercoledì 30 Novembre, Festa della Toscana, ore 9.30

presso plesso M. Marcacci - Collesalvetti



Anchise Picchi (Crespina - Pisa, 11 Aprile 1911 - Collesalvetti - Livorno, 13 Novembre 2007)





"The storm" - oil on wood


fAnchise Picchi

Anchise Picchi


Winter - black and white drawing

"Winter" - drawing on paper



"Venus" - chalk model



Anchise Picchi: "Ritorno col vento" - Olio su tavola, cm 50x70

Anchise Picchi on-line gallery features numerous artworks: paintings, sculptures, drawings, digital images PC generated carried out by the artist at the age of 85 with the mouse only. Numerous the works already exhibited in the painting and sculpting anthological exhibition in Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, on April 1978, under the sponsorship of the Municipality and the Tourism Office. New and later works.

"Art is born from myth. Art is myth..."

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