Sailers in the fog
Painter - sculptor - engraver



Since 1939/1940 Anchise Picchi has been painting, but his real activity began in about 1944/1945, when his sculpture studio was completely destroyed during troops retreated, at the end of the Second World War. During his long activity, he used numerous techniques, in a coherence of style and variety of themes that feature him as one of the most interesting representatives of the twentieth century artist. His temperament pushed him to stay on the outside of art movements and currents, despite his contiguity with some of the most important contemporary artists. He laid down his own artistic path that always manifested careful attention to peasantry and workers at their daily labour, whereby they received their reason to live.


 We have to consider a different approach for digital PC generated artworks, carried out by the 86-year-old artist using only a mouse. We think it right to show these artworks here too, which completely illustrate the artist's activity, whose curiosity and enthusiasm don't fail when faced by his age or by modern digital technologies.






PC Generated


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Fog on the farmyard

A. Picchi - Farmyard, oil on canvas.

Winter in the village
A. Picchi -Winter in the village, oil on wood.

Little girl playing in the garden
A. Picchi - Little girl, PC generated.

Once, the Earth

A. Picchi - Once, the Earth , oil on wood.