sailers in the fog
ainter - scuptor - engraver


The world created by Art is more beautiful than the real one because it's an ideal world…"

Nature is Art's starting point, not it's point of arrival!

I sense the Universe's life, the ethernal dualism which pushes me to recognize, at the same time, the existence of the materia and of the spirit, because it's not possible that one exists without the other and vice versa: their existences are reciprocally conditioned… All human actions are very late compared to the wish, to the Will who wants them accomplished. They meet opposition in the matter. Humans desperately struggle against space and time, against pain… which are all effects of matter.

I may be mistaken, but I must not deceive; to know the Truth or just feel Her and not match our actions to it, is a crime that Sky and Earth condemn…

Humans are educated creatures which operate according to the education principle in such a manner it is given to them..

Art doesn’t have to be “objective” but, conversely, it must be a “poetry of masses ”, with interactions and alternations of shadows and lights.

Where the light dies, even if drawing excels, is where Art dies. When the tricks of light fail, life fails too.

Art is drama and its border is the infinite. As Nature follows the shortest way, so Art does the same, namely it's synthesis, simplicity, not aridity. It's neither gaunt, nor false nor artful or complicated. Art is such only when it rouses in the observer an idea of something that lives and moves and owns soul.

"Technique" is the set of instruments and materials which are needed to work:“manner” is the particular way the artist uses them. In other words: from one technique it’s possible to use different manners.


Style is that kind of mark that, even with different manners, makes the artist recognized in his work at any time.

(I feel my)... artist’s love according to the motives that inspired Art during the past centuries and that are still far from having exhausted their action. (I feel...) an exciting atmosphere, expanding further than a frame's borders …

You must do what you love and in the manner you like. But you must always be honest with yourself; you must be sure that what you love, you really love more than any other thing. Here lies the difficulty. Freedom is the soul of Art itself.

Drawing isn't the dark or light trace the pencil or the brush produces in following the contour of objects, but it's the whole set of masses and their disposition and proportion in space; the contrast of lights and shades. What we normally mean for drawing is only shallow graphic and calligraphic training… Whenever light dies life dies too!




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