Sailers in the fog
Painter - sculptor - engraver
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Welcome to ANCHISE PICCHI's site - (Crespina, Pisa - 1 Aprile 1911 - Collesalvetti, Livorno - 13 Novembre 2007)


This web site shows Anchise Picchi's artworks. He is one of the most important figurative contemporary artists. His Art crosses the twentieth-century and joins to the last representatives of Macchiaioli's movement, like Francesco and Luigi Gioli, Galileo Chini, Carla Celesia di Vegliasco and so on. Anchise later frequented all the greatest artists of the postmacchiaiolo movement, particularly the most important Labronic Group artists (Renato Natali, Gino Romiti, Cafiero Filippelli, Lomi, Rontini, etc.). Later, at 85 years old (1995/1996) he also tried using the PC, carrying out several beautiful digital works,only using the mouse . In these last years his sight became weaker and he was therefore constrained to draw with charcoal, pen and Negro pencil, via a high contrast technique, where strong lights and deep shadows are preeminent. Now, 96 years old, he is still drawing a bit, in his studio in Collesalvetti (Livorno), Tuscany. The art market doesn't offer many of his artworks because they are all in private and public collections. Crespina's Municipality, where the artist was born in 1911, gave him, in 2005, the Gold Medal and Honorary Citizenship for artistic merits. After the important anthological exhibition in Palazzo Strozzi, in 1978, under the sponsorship of Florence Municipality , Collesalvetti's Municipality also honored the artist with a beautiful exhibition in the Cultural Center at Villa Carmignani, in October 2001. A couple of interesting and well illustrated volumes have recently been published by Bandecchi&Vivaldi (Pontedera – Pisa ) with explanatory notes by Francesca Cagianelli, fine art historian.


We wish to thank doct. BELINDA SERRA for working on English translation

Anchise Picchi's Tuscan countryside (Click to read the article)


Winter in the village
A. Picchi - Winter in the village, oil on wood.

The flight
A. Picchi - The flight, oil on canvas.

A. Picchi - Glitters, black pen on paper.

Rice weeders
The mute testimony (Moby Prince tragedy)
Alzata in padule
Rice weeders - PC generated, 1995
The mute testimony (Moby Prince's tragedy) - PC generated, 1995
Baby girls going towards the church - PC generated, 1995


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