Sailers in the fog
Painter - sculptor - engraver



From the age of five , Anchise felt strongly compelled to draw . At that time he was living with all his family in Crespina ( Pisa ). The Tuscan countryside inspired the child-artist to draw, on the walls of his farmhouse, what he saw and loved: relatives, trees, animals, dreams… He incessantly Drew. As if “signs” were a second language for him and a really natural way to express sensations, fantasies, feelings. The book of graphics shows only a part of a greater mass of the author's sketches and drawings taken from his long artistic activity. Many of these drawings fell into the hands of friends or spectators who just happened to be around at the moment they were being carried out… We have tried to establish some order to those published: by time, technique, subject; always with the author's help and agreement . For the reason of space, we have been able to report only some drawings here: ranging from earlier, during the author's youth, to later, carried out when the artist's sight began to fail, until the author was constrained, as he says, “to retreat into the darkness”. It means the author has to use a very contrasted drawing technique now, (that is, he works with very high and hard contrasts of light and shadow) that, however, brings him to construct artworks of unique synthesis and greater emotion.



""The drawing isn't the dark or light trace that the pencil or brush produces in following the contour of the objects, but it's the whole set of the masses and their disposition and proportion in space; the contrast of lights and shades. What we normally mean for drawing is merely shallow graphic and calligraphic training… Whenever light dies, life dies too! " (A. Picchi)



The lunatic and donkey
Rain and fog
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A. Picchi - Old things, Negro pencil on wood.


A. Picchi - Reading, coloured pencil and pastel on wood.

Country road

A. Picchi - country road in Castell'Anselmo (Collesalvetti) , Negro pencil on paper.


A. Picchi - Fire, black pen on paper.